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MoneyLion CEO Dee Choubey May Have it Ready to Roar After a Tough DeSPAC

Huge jump for ML stock today +13%. Hear CEO Dee Choubey talk about the business and how ML is on the path to profitability.

Boardroom Alpha sat down with Dee Choubey, CEO of fintech MoneyLion (ML). Moneylion is a mobile banking and financial membership platform that went public via SPAC merger with Fusion Acquisition (FUSE). After a career in investment banking, Dee co-founded MoneyLion in 2013 with an ambitious goal: to combine AI, machine-learning technology and behavioral science to bring consumer finance into the future.

Does MoneyLion have what it takes to compete with the big guys? Can MoneyLion become the next super app? Listen to the podcast to find out more.


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