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McDonald's Menu: Would You Like Fries With That? (You May Be Out of Luck)

McDonald's is adjusting its menu globally after facing a shortage of one of its customers' favorite items.

Imagine your appetite being all set for your favorite McDonald's taste treat, but the counter clerk says they don't have what you want. You'll have to settle for something else.

That's what's happening at McDonald's around the world as the restaurant chain is running low on a favorite item that has forced them to remove it from the menu.

In countries like Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia people wanting a large order of french fries, sometimes a medium order, can't get them.

McDonald's restaurants in these countries are facing a shortage of french fries, requiring them to eliminate large and, in some cases, medium-size fries from their menus until the shortage subsides, according to the company. 


McDonald's Japan Lead

McDonald's Has a Fry Supply Issue

"We are facing a fry-tening supply crunch on French Fries. But fret not. While you can't Go Large for the time being, you can still enjoy your favourite meals and fries in Medium size. Time fries...It'll be back before you know it," the company said.

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In Japan, sales of french fries have been , according to McDonald's Holdings Company Japan.

The impact of massive flooding near the Port of Vancouver in Canada, which is a transit point for imported potatoes from North America, and the covid-19 pandemic's disruptive effects on the supply chain are credited for causing the shortage of french fries, McDonald's Holdings Company Japan said in its January Monthly IR News.

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