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Investors Keep Pulling Money Out of Stocks Funds

Equity funds saw $2.28 billion walk out the door the week ended Wednesday, down from $5.55 billion the previous week.
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Investors took less of their money out of stocks funds over the past week, but the dollars were still making for the exits.

Equity mutual funds saw a net $2.28 billion walk out the door during the week ended Wednesday, according to TrimTabs Investment Research of Santa Rosa, Calif. That was about half as much as the$5.55 billion these funds lost the previous week

¿The outflows in U.S. equity mutual funds is not surprising,¿ said Vincent Deluard, Global Equity Strategist at TrimTabs, ¿given all the gloom around the market and the poor performance of the Dow in the last two to three weeks. What¿s more surprising is that money is moving out of global stocks and emerging markets.¿


Dow Jones Industrial Average

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closed at 13,223.93 Wednesday, compared with 13,300.02 on Nov. 7.

Investors pulled $3.25 billion out of funds that invest primarily in U.S. stocks, or about half of the $6.26 billion they pulled out the previous week.

They added a net $968 million to funds that invest primarily in non-U.S. stocks, up from $711 million the previous week.

Bond funds had net redemptions of $216 million, compared with inflows of $120 million during the previous week.

Hybrid funds, which invest in stocks and bonds, had net redemptions of $92 million, after pulling in $5 million of new money the previous week.

Exchange-traded funds that invest in U.S. stocks took in $7.64 billion during the past week, nearly reversing the $7.95 billion that walked out the door the previous week. But investors pulled $1.95 billion out of ETFs that invest in non-U.S. stocks, after adding $1.65 billion the previous week.